A tunnel between London and NY? 😉  Real time images … Telectroscope…



Last day


Congratulations, Tillykke, Felicitări, Gratulerer, Glückwünsche, Gratulacje, 祝賀, Congratulazioni, hamingjuóskir, samfögnuður, čestitam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I hope I covered all of you!!! 🙂

Today was the final presentations, comments and critique were given by Jamie, Michael, Keld and myself. We also had 2 guests from Robot Cluster, Mette and Louise.

The students had been working night after night to be able to achieve their goals. Set up an “fluid” sunlight installation up on the roof and a large delicate wind-interactive sculpture on the main square of the town, despite very windy weather; get a big bench to light up accordingly to passer’s by clothes; making a creative recycling station interact with you and look sexy; get a little robot to follow you, lighting up not only your path but your imagination.  What else can I say?

Thank you for your dedication, hard work and your commitment to the projects!

Last but not least, make sure to update your blogs with the final videos, pictures, comments and your overall impression of the course. Remember to share your code, circuits, materials testing and experience in order to help the “future generations”. 😉

Take good care of your “babies” as we can hardly wait to see them live again on June 28th and 29th for the school final show! 🙂 And remember to pass the word around!


So last night, the night before the final presentations, we had a photographer stopping by late at night to take pictures of the projects in the city. It was quite exciting to see the pieces in their “environments”!!! 🙂


Over the Alps


Man flies over the Alps… He also dares…

On the flying companion topic… 😉

So, here we are on the last week… Late hours, new discoveries and new challenges. I believe that, for almost every student, the learning curve has been steep. Happiness, tiredness and anxiety mix themselves. However everyone is surely working hard. It’s great to see the shine in the eyes, the “abracadabra moment”.

I hope the process, although now final, is opening up as a start. With the knowledge acquired throughout the course, this should open up new doors in later projects. You came across a lot and in many different aspects; you dared and you made work what seemed so far out a few weeks ago. Give yourself a clap on the back.

Despite the big groups, many discussions and many different perspectives, you are delivering. You are making it happen. It’s always a learning process. I surely learned a lot as well with all of you through both through your problems and your solutions!

Well done and keep up the good work!


Wind Vane!


This is a robot – but without light or sustainability or urban space… but it’s a robot!




If anyone need some videofootage from the trip last wedensday I have a lot. So you can just come get it from me: Kristian group 3